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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Solstice Party review

I went to the xsil's Solstice party.(We decided this was my 12th solstice party, I am fucking old.) It was fun, cold, but fun. Thirty-one hosted the usual gala event. Otterbutt and fam were in the house. Ashton was definitely in the house. I'm afraid I was not much of guest because of this. I was either just chillin and not really talking to anyone, or I was rambling about something only I found vaguely interesting, I have to work on that. I couldn't get past the feeling that I was at a class reunion.

Really it was more like a family reunion, a bunch of people who I have been friends with or friendly with at one point, but now see rarely(read at the solstice party). This inevitably leads to "What are you up to?" questions* which I have several pat answers none of which are serious.

Them: "So what are doing, now?"
Me: "Same ol' same ol', just smokin crack, whorin myself, and corrupting the youth of America."

Like that, you see. This is meant as a way to change the course of discussion but was not as successful as I might have hoped. I figured it was better than the truth. Drinking, hanging out with waitresses and generally becoming even more of a misanthrope that I am naturally. The fact is almost everyone there was a grown up which always has a disquieting effect on me.

The party was accented by some strangeness.
  • The woman in the Santa outfit crouching down and acting like a rabbit. At least that is what I think she was doing, it was all very strange and I was very inebriated.
  • Thirtyone drinks scotch.
  • Some dude passed out and fell off the six inch high deck. I didn't see this, which is bummer given my well known love of falling down humor.
  • There were no less than 5 blogger folks there but no one had a camera? Note to self: remember the camera next year.
Overall, a good time was had by all. So to all my old friends, good to see you. Until next year. Happy Kwanzaa from here in Blogfrica.

*I never ask people this question, unless I know the answer is going to be some variation of nothing. I'm not sure why this is, other than I find that most people are more than willing to talk about themselves without prompting. I also find myself to be a relatively boring topic of conversation.


Nik said...

I was so happy to see you. I'm glad you came. It is true that it's a bit like a high school reunion--but as if for a high school one might have enjoyed attending. Happy solstice one more time.

chancelot said...

No doubt! Happy Solstice.