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Monday, February 18, 2008

Reasons # 6,735.6,736.6,737 to vote against Hillary

Shorter HRC


John Cole has a run down of the bullshit, crybaby arguments that the Clintons are using now.

Hilzoy explains the Hillary's incompetence in Texas. Yglesias piles on.

If you wondered how the Democrats were going to screw up a sure run to the Presidency, this is probably it. Hillary insists that only states she wins count. Mark Penn has made it clear that he hates democrats who don't live in NY or California. If she gets the nomination look for red state democrats such as myself to stay home and this will hurt the party across the board. The DNC and the other Democratic beltway bigwigs better watch out or they will lose a once in a century chance to change the game. If Hillary wins through super delegate chicanery or because of Florida and Michigan you can bet that entire generation of potential Democratic voters will be lost as well as a chance to stop the expanding power of the executive branch.

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