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Monday, March 31, 2008

Mr. Roboto...or how I learned to love our robot masters

This interruption in my blog hiatus is brought to you by the looming robot threat. I do believe that the man has a point and clearly this is an unexplored area of danger.

"The inevitable apocalyptic battle against machines has long been a fruitful topic in books (Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov), film (The Terminator, The Matrix), and shit-shooting bar discussions. (We personally believe that simple machines pose an underrated threat; how are we going to lift and move heavy objects when the automaton rocket-blasting helicopters, appealing to intra-machine solidarity, convince levers and pulleys to turn against us?)"
Matt Yglesias has been beating the drum against this imminent danger and Ezra joins him in his call for vigilance. Don't let your guard down or be distracted by the so-called pirate threat.

p.s. regular blogging will resume hopefully at an excelerated pace.


Anonymous said...

is this arising out of the automaton transfusion movie? cause we all know that zombies will kick robots asses in real life cause robots wont be able to detect the cold-bodied zombies with their heat-seeking radar...imagine the horror.

P said...

Brance just read your blog. He said "chance you've gone off the reservation"