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Monday, February 2, 2009

this is your republic party cont.

The rump republic party seems intent on shrinking until it is just two angry, sweaty freshly self- serviced white assholes in a basement(and Utah, of course.)  55% of republicans think that the party should be more like Palin. This is phenomenal, I love it.  Have gun, insert in mouth.  Seriously, it is like a suicide pact.  They should just get it over with and call themselves the know-nothing/do nothing party.   

It really is surprising that a party based on fear(Look out! Teh gay is coming...)and loathing(O Noes there is teh Mexican..or is he black? All them brown people look alike.) would not be particularly successful in electoral politics. Who woulda thunk?  Well it has been fun, and will be fun, watching the dissolution of the grand old party.

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