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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sorry blog I have been neglecting you.  When you are happy you have regained the ability to feel emotional pain are you happy or sad?


kim.ber.ly. said...

sometimes (and sorry this is early in the morning) i feel like you comment very frequently on the political happenings of the U.S. and the economy...but doing so you neglect (dare i say, willfully neglect) analyzing and observing your own life and times. i wish you would not.
i do believe you have always had the capacity to feel...contrary to your latest post.
we only say we are dead inside in order to reject the feelings that we so long to feel.
xoxo. kim.

chancelot said...

As usual, you are very insightful Kimmy. But it only takes a moment of analysis and observation to see my life is hot ghetto mess. You are very sweet though.

chancelot said...