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Thursday, March 29, 2007


What are the top 5 CamperVanBeethoven songs...?

Here is my definitive list after listening to them all day on random.(Yes, random not shuffle. Screw Apple. I will not allow the corporate word managers to control my speech. Ha!)

1. All her Favorite Fruit- Nuff said
2. Eye Of Fatima (pt1) - "Cowboys on Acid"
3. Good guys and Bad guys- "this here verse is for the people in Russia"
4. June-"bitter as love"
5. The History of Utah- "and old joe took all the shopping carts from the mall"

Honorable mention... Sweethearts. Everyone should listen to this song. It becomes more relevant everyday.


Val said...

I am not sure I've ever listened to a whole song by Camper Van Beethoven let alone a whole album. Do we still call them albums? I'm so out of it. Random INDEED!

chancelot said...

Mandatory CVB will be the first part of your curriculum at the Chancelot reeducation camp, come the revolution. Seriously...