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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Something in the air...?!??!?

Ok, Strange happenings at the 7th east office(h/t Val)last night. That can only be summed up by the right channel lyrics Of Camper's "peace and love."
Too much open space
Makes me nervous
Too much ginseng
A [blah] wide open
Then a [blah blah blah] his face
Then a doctor [blah] fucking open spaces
Give some cowboys some acid
Many [blah]
Makes me nervous
Nothing seems right now
Too many open spaces
Yes Wyoming
Makes me nervous
Someone ought to go up to Wyoming
And open up some fucking open spaces
And call her some hotel rooms
And look at the turf in the open spaces
Don't say its fattening
Be careful what you're doing
You can do anything
Yeah you can do anything
I said you can do anything
You don't know what you're doing
Or don't do anything at all
Because there are wide open spaces
[blah blah] and children

[blah blah] horizon

They're on acid
They don't know what they're doing
So they can do anything
I wonder where those cowboys are
I wonder where those cowboys are

UPDATE: Maybe This CVB song is more appropiate.
And life is grand
And I will say this at the risk of falling from favor
With those of you who have appointed yourselves
To expect us to say something darker

And love is real
And though I realize this is not a deep observation
To those of you who find it necessary
To conceal love or obscure it, as is the fashion

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