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Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm back!

It has been a long week... Started on Sunday with a 16 hour shift at the 7EO. Btw, this should not be attempted by people who are not outta their minds. Here is a quick rundown of the rest of the week.

  • The Wii is awesome. Can't wait till more games come out on it.
  • The Sopranos ending was great, all you haters need to chill the fuck out and give love to the third best show ever on television.
  • The Spurs are clearly one of the best teams ever. Is Lebron? Leave The Man Alone does not think so, and I tend to agree.
  • The Mets were swept by the Dodgers and have lost five straight going into the subway series. Not a good look for them, at all. But there is hope if they MAN UP!
  • In related news, the Yanks are only 71/2 games behind the the Bled Sox. Too bad they have to play the Mets this weekend. Hopefully the Sox will lose their series to the Giants. That would be sweet.
  • My favorite Summer show, Hell's Kitchen is on again. The big question is, will Aaron stop crying long enough to make it through next week?
  • Read The Exile by Allan Folsom this week. A good book.
  • This week's moment of tard. Tony Snow says Bush is on the Frontlines....

Why do reporters let them get away with this kind of shit. These people are reprehensible.
So brothers and sisters, that is my week in a minute. Have a great weekend!

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Nik said...

Quick note. The 7EO pays very poorly. Still, a 16 hour stint is nothing to sniff at.