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Wednesday, June 6, 2007


  • Lozo has odds on who whacks Tony Soprano.
  • NOISB has some support for Shef, who has taking a lot of heat for saying Black players are not sought after in the MLB because latin players are more pliable. Although he is not the most articulate guy, he has a point. How else can you explain Julio Franco still having a job, while Rickey B does not?
  • Yglesias has the Knocked Up critique of Brokeback Mountain. Never seen either movie but it sounds reasonable to me.
  • pants plz This site is just funny and dominated by cats, my favorite animal.
  • Lasting Milledge Facts. Thats for all you Mets' Fans

That is all I have right now and I don't know why I am typing in bold print, but as my favorite bartendress says, "Not my problem!"