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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bonds is the greatest

I was all alone, at my favorite watering hole, cheering for Bonds when he Hit #756. So much so that the manager threatened to 86 me. Not because I was loud mind you, just because he is a hater. But I think Matt Yglesias has it just right.

"He is, in short, the greatest offensive player in the history of baseball....Yes, it appears that during the period when Major League Baseball had no steroid policy, he took steroids. And the day when MLB invalidates all the other records from the Steroid Era -- rescinds the World Series titles and the division penants, takes back the Cy Young awards and the Golden Gloves, etc., etc., etc. -- I suppose it would make sense to take Bonds' achievements away too. But until that happens, the records are the records and he played better than anyone else."

Remember ,brothers and sisters, steroids were not against the rules of MLB.

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