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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Worst Person Ever

So, last night this guy told me, "Chancelot, when you get a few drinks in you are the Worst Person Ever." (dramatic pause)

Did you get that "EVER," not limited by time and space, mind you. So the rest of the night whenever I introduced myself I had to add WPE, as in "Hi, I'm Chance, The Worst Person Ever." Or when I was introduced to someone it was with the addendum, "WPE." Of course, some of you might remember the episode of The West Wing where Toby Ziegler, had to say "I work for the White House" after each time he said his name. This was kinda like that, but drunker and funnier. Being called the WPE actually seemed to intrigue the ladies, especially given my apparent soft and cuddly nature. Women love them an enigma. So I think I'm gonna stick with it, ya know see where it goes.

Also live fantasy draft at 3:30 MDT. May live blog it, may not. Either way I'll post my team later.


P said...

Been waiting for the perfect name. Ha. Good luck in your fantasy. League.


P said...

Hurt - Johnny
Mr. Horrible - TMBG
Angel - Aerosmith
As Make Shift As We Are - Hip
Flesh and Blood - Oingo Boingo
If I was your woman -
this is Love - Melissa Ferrick
The Letter - Macy Gray
Monday Morning- Mike Errico
After Ventus- Enya
My Boo- Usher
I miss you - Nina
My Father's House - Springsteen

No shit - Random Shuffle.