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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Road trip

BBA is out. Tomorrow we are heading to FLA. Really looking forward to driving thruogh Nebraska, really I am... I link to BBA's site even though he never blogs, hopefully he will keep us better informed of his antics when he is Florida.

I may or may not be blogging, while I am road tripping, we'll see???


Nik said...

Ahh Nebraska! Can't you avoid it by driving more southerly wise? I think I know no other person who has driven across the country as much as you.
Happy trails.

chancelot said...

thank you, I am in georgia. We made it from Cheyenne to Here in 24 hours. Take that Jack Bauer. read the blog for pre-Cheyenne weirdness. Also, I am clean for the first time in like forty hours so that is good.