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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Green Mind

Dinosaur jr has a new album out and I think it is great. But of course I would. It has started me on a Djr renaissance. And I had forgotten how much of my life has been lived with and described by the lyrics and noise of J. Mascis. In particular the Green Mind album, and this verse from the song of the same name.

Oh it's nothing new I been bouncing off the wall I can't handle them for long They're cool, but I need you On a certain level I think they're great But on another I can't relate To anything they do On the outside Might be with them tonight Unless you decide to come in I'll check out you Hangin' heavy, such a routine I've just begun to forget why I seldom try To break out of their scene And now I gotta work on you So the frogs will hang They'll always be hangin' Now we're here, what do we do I've been sortin' through the pros And cons of your eyes, they're well told Can't you help move it along? I been pickin' through my thoughts It's a shame I just can't rot And I sure feel rotten long
Or by the last line of the song.

If I keep stewin' 'bout how I feel The plate will split, then I won't have to deal Sounds like a plan But it's kind of lame to let it slide Knowin' either way I haven't tried Can't figure out where it all stands In a green mind
So that pretty well describes my life up to this point(irony alert!!) and I am not really sure how I feel about that.

Dinosaur jr never made a major impact on the charts or radio but when I was a kid that was considered a virtue and not a curse. (This makes me sound so old, but wtf happened to the good old days when commercial acceptance = Suck) So I am glad they have a new album that while displaying some maturity still contains enough lyrical angst to accompany Mascis' incredible guitar work.

UPDATE: I remembered this verse from nothings goin on and it reminded me of my favorite person, who doesn't read this blog,(at least I don't think so) but nonetheless here it is...

Every angel's a suspect
Every creep's your friend
When I've gone away, get back again
I won't help you if you walk away
Nothing happening, nothin more to say

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P said...

I read your blog, and I'm not your favorite person? Well, at least you are in music mode. It's always good.