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Saturday, October 6, 2007

No Fall(Autumnlessness)

It looks like Baby Jesus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, whoever runs this shit, has decided that we don't need any slow descent into winter here in the land of the blessed souls. It went from being hot to cold overnight at the beginning of September and is now starting to snow with regularity in the mountains. It was like 79 degrees in Boston for the game last night and it is freezing here. How is that fair? Fuck Boston. I haven't got my winter clothes out yet. I blame the Mormons, it is conference weekend, which made me late for work this morning. Thanks Baby Jesus.

There is no poem for losing fall but here are two haikus mourning the loss of summer. So here is my own contribution to haikudom.


Mets miss playoffs, no
losses for the Cowboys yet
My life is a game


P said...
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P said...

excellent haiku
of all seasons autumn wins
football halloween

Nik said...

You write nice haiku.
Yesterday--eighty degrees.
Global warming sucks.

chancelot said...

Sure Nik one-up me
I see how you are, making
me look poseurish