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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama and teh cool

This is awesome.  Ezra puts it better than I could.

One of the side stories to Obama's appeal among the youth is that he's actually, well, cool...  And this has an actual effect. There's lots of chatter in the media about Sarah Palin's ability to speak the "language" of the conservative base, or of rural America, and how that matters. Obama's tendencies are dismissed as somewhat frivolous affectations. But Obama is speaking in a language familiar to younger Americans -- he's the first candidate who is recognizable to that generation, and my sense is it's going to manifest in two weeks, where the youth actually do turn out for him, rather than proving a disappointingly unreliable constituency as they have in the past.
I would only add vote early and encourage everyone else to as well, that is all.

h/t Ta_Nahesi Coates(If you aren't reading him, start.)

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