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Monday, January 12, 2009

I am not aware of all internet traditions

Apparently the trio of Matt Yglesias, Ezra Kline, and Spencer Ackerman (all of whom I read but have been neglectful of adding Attackerman to the blogroll.  This will be corrected.) have been dubbed the Juicebox Mafia by the pro Israeli blogosphere.  
Of course they had the audacity to suggest that the current Isreali attack in Gaza was disproportional and perhaps ill-advised.  Since they are Jewish they cannot be condemned as anti-semites, ( I will avoid this tag simply due to the fact that no one reads my blog) so they will be ridiculed by the Very Serious People as children who cannot possibly understand the world.  
Because it is obvious to anyone watching that the only response to random, annoying, and potentially deadly rocket attacks is airstrikes that kill not only the intended target but also many innocents.  because throughout history this strategy has worked.  See The First Jewish-Roman War,  which after a Jewish revolt Rome burned the Temple to the ground and enslaved many Jewish people.  But they made a slight error and let Jewish people continue to reside in Judea.  A mistake they rectified after the second rebellion which lead to the Diaspora, or expulsion of the Jewish people from Palestine.  Obviously, in this analogy Rome is Israel and The Jewish people are the Palestinians.  
Personally, I find this bit by a guest blogger, Eyal Press,on Ta-Nehisis's blog to be instructive.

Many years ago, the Israeli scholar Yehuda Elkana published an essay in which he noted that there were two lessons one could draw from the horrors he'd witnessed as a boy at Auschwitz.  The first was "this must never happen again."  The second was "this must never happen to us again."  Of the two, wrote Elkana, a member of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace-International, a network of scholars committed to ending the occupation and promoting a just settlement of the conflict, "I have always held to the former and seen the latter as catastrophic." 

Just to prove my non-anti-semite cred I will unveil my Mid-East Peace plan for all three of my faithful readers.
Step One-  Allow people of Jewish ancestry move to the United States.
That about covers it.

Update:  Couldn't they have called them the "Jewcebox Mafia?"  Just wondering.  Seems funnier.

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What's up with isreal and Pakistan ;). Hahaha. You are right