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Monday, March 30, 2009

green mind part deux

A long time ago I used to write posts about things non-political/musical/sports related.  In this post I discuss the influence of Dinosaur jr. on my life(ok, it is musical related but that was not the point of the post) particularly the last line of the song green mind

"If I keep stewin’ ’bout how I feel 
eventually you'll split, then I won’t have to deal
sounds like a plan."

Well, my green mind strategy for decision making is not as useful as it has been in the past.  Or at least in this instance without boring you in details,  my dilemma is this, I need to find out information about how someone feels about me.  The kicker being that I am not sure what answer I want to hear.  
Perhaps I read to many legal thrillers but I have always disliked asking questions when I do not know the answer.  
I can hear the choruses of "Stop your whining and be a man!"  Ok, fine I get it perhaps it is simply a classic Gordian knot dilemma.  I just need to go and find my sword....
Thank you all for helping me work this out. I appreciate it, and you will be reimbursed accordingly.


kim.ber.ly. said...

so encontrario...who's the lucky lady?
cause your stewin' is not over a man!

chancelot said...

That is for me to know...