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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Its funny how things change. I'm not talking about major changes like death, divorce, marriage or childbirth. But the kind of change you don't really notice until later on. Like a friend who you were tight with who slowly, for whatever reason, drifts away.

When you look back you can see when it happened, maybe even the exact moment that it happened. But at the time it seemed, well, normal.

Six months ago, I could never have predicted that I would have a new set of friends and never see the person who was my closest friend. This is probably not a permanent situation but I find it disconcerting in an undefinable way. So it goes I guess... The lesson being pay attention because change comes less often in dramatic fashion, and more often in increments that are barely registered until they are long past.

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val said...

And then, they seem to stay the same too.