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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

walls, suckerpunches, and other things i walk into...

Just because you see something coming, should you get out of the way? Usually, I prefer to keep on walking. This meme seems to be repeated on an annual basis and I am apparently immune learning any lesson from experience. It is not, as you might expect, out of bullheadedness or stupidity but more of sense Prewitt-like fatalism. My feeling is one of a kind joy at new experience regardless of the outcome. There is also an element of saying fuck fear. I may not know what I am doing, but, ya know if your scared go to church.

Even the well intentioned and correct warnings of Bronx's Best Apostle(free wild turkey shot for whoever gets the reference, Otterbutt's man should get it) and Sandra D don't dissuade me from charging ahead. If not blindly, certainly with an excess amount of bravado and lack of caution. If it was just wasn't so fucking easy I might let it slide, but it seems a shame to waste an opportunity for adventure.

Maybe this is all just spin and I am simply lonely and tired of sleeping alone...? Doubt it though, Fuck it. Like the man said, "Shut up and die like an aviator!"


Anonymous said...

Man, this kind of post keeps me lost in the flood.

Otterbutts husband

chancelot said...

told ya'll good job, son.