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Monday, April 16, 2007

Va. Tech

Okay, in case you think Republicans have ever seen a barrel bottom they didn't want to dive toward? Malkin and Instapundit have found the source of the tragedy...Wait for it...Wait for it... Gun Control. Scoring political points off the still warm dead bodies of college kids... Priceless!

So refreshing to have an instascapegoat. The argument is that if the students were armed they could have shot the dude. This theory, of course, has been proven true in Iraq where M-16 toting soldiers have stopped all violence against civilians.... Haven't they?


Nik said...

Nice point. The thinking is that if everyone is armed, no one will shoot argument parallels the thinking of mutual deterence. Which works well until somebody shoots. And then everybody does.
Sometimes though, that seems like the most reasonable solution. Shoot the people. Leave the planet to the rest.

Manson said...

theres not much to say about this. Your have a almost unarguable point. my only interjection is.....More people shooting, more people dying, less people breathing my air