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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Hey Ookie, need a drink? Sorry, couldn't resist. KSK wants to FREE OOKIE. But ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, dogs and cats, chickens and ducks, we are not here to discuss Mike Vick's legal trouble but to celebrate the last week of the year without football.... YES, finally training camp starts in only a week. And you know what that means motherfuckers, time to get down and party like a rock... or at least like Big Daddy Drew plans to...

"And so it will be with the coming 2007 NFL season. I’ll drink to kick off the season. I’ll drink when the Vikings win, all three times. I’ll drink Sunday nights AND Monday nights. I’ll drink if TO tries to commit suicide again. If there’s even the slightest opening to engage in shallow and self-destructive behavior, I’ll be on it. Promise."

I couldn't agree more. (obviously excepting the TO swipe, but he is a Vikings fan so he has a right to be upset.) So, lets all get ready for another season of adolescent humor and good times. Yes, a season that will be remembered with all the reverence of the return of the tiny baby Jesus.

Why? you ask.

Good Question, I say. Because this will be the year of the Cowboy. That's right there will be no dropped field goals to save y'all from another Super run by the 'Boys with stars on their helmets.

Just to fuel the hate and get the party started lets take one last look at, what will in the future be considered the beginning of Tony Romo's Hall of Fame career.

Now it is NEXT YEAR.

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