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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why the 7EO rules

So for the first time in I don't know how long I actually went out somewhere that wasn't the 7EO. Two somewheres, one on Friday and one on Saturday. The first was named after a line from a Mike Myers movie, and the other was the 3300 south bar that is not Liquid Joes. Good times, really. Friday was with thirty one and her crew. The party was some kind Birthday/Engagement thing where neither BBA nor I had to pay for drinks, which in addition to the fact that we had been playing Madden for shots, meant we were pretty tuned up. At some point I was summoned to 7EO by the always lovely and until recently semi-disappeared BG. Dancing and all night zaniness(another story for another day) ensued for myself and BBA. (BG, showing restraint that I clearly lack, left early.)

Saturday was my dude Manson's Bday party, which I had to leave early because I was still somewhat wrecked from Friday.

To make a short story long, I do not like places that are not the 7EO very much. I keep telling myself that it is not so much my own rainman like disdain for change or the whole everybody knows my name factor but that there are actual objective conditions that make me enjoy myself more at the 7EO. I'm sure these other establishments have there own appeal, which is why I have gone to such great lengths to avoid naming them. I'm not trying to hate, but, personally, I think the 7Eo is clearly superior in the below ways.

  • Prettier, nicer waitresses
  • Better bartenders
  • Cheaper beer and they have PBR instead of the ubiquitous Bud Light
  • A wider variety of single women
  • Better patio and better DJs
Seems reasonable enough, right?


Nik said...

You are so anonymous, what with the Myers reference and 7EO. Thank god I know the particulars enough to decipher the code :). (The period is like an offset chin dimple.) (That period and end parenthetical is just that).
I like the 7EO for completely opposite reasons--the patio, Jeri, ability to bum a single cigarette, and the smell of the bathrooms--familiar, clean and unique.

chancelot said...

I have clearly lost the ability to decipher your sarcasm, or lack there of, so I'll assume you are making fun of me. Which is fine. The word on the street is you are making an appearance in the city of saints soon, hope to see you and your peeps.

Nik said...

I am an ass; therefore I am sarcastic. Mostly, I just wanted to make fun of punctuation art, not you.
But I do plan to see you, your sainted ones, your saintliness, not much of the 7EO. You've met the Z. She'll remember you...