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Monday, August 18, 2008

America is teh awesome

This story is fucked up. I love sports but our society seems to make all kinds of allowances for this sort of hazing. What kind of kid thinks its cool to shove a cell phone up some ones ass.

maybe someone who has adult role models like these people.

A united front of young male athletes gave testimonials for their baseball coaches, and was saluted with long rounds of applause.

The alleged victims were rarely mentioned.

"The media took this and ran with it," one man said. "They took sex, violence and victims. They took an incident and turned it into assault. We made national news because of this.

"I'm angry, and I'd be willing to bet … I would be willing to bet most of the people in this room are angry. And I would be willing to bet some of them would like to take some of these reporters to the back of the bus."

Yes sir, you have definitly nailed the problem. Its the media's fault. Not you and your twisted ass kids. I guess the moral to the story is be glad you don't live in small town amerikkka.


P said...

You should ask some kid about the butt hash. They really have been cooped up this generation.

chancelot said...

I'd rather you didn't bring your extensive knowledge of teenagers to this blog. hahaha. jk. but i will never ask them that I don't even want to know. ewww!