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Monday, August 4, 2008

Repulicans are stoopid liars Part one

It is hilarious that a party that is almost entirely based on a cult of personality is calling Obama vapid and clueless. Do these people and their ilk have any intellectual honesty at all. They claim that Obama lacks experience and know how while pushing a guy who lies and promises to do nothing to solve our problems. Well, I guess I will just assume republicans are r-tards until proven otherwise.

ed. Sorry, about linking to the corner, your precipitous IQ drop will return to normal after leaving the site and viewing this video.

Update: I guess when this is your base being stupid isn't that harmful.


P said...


P said...

perhaps the Ms. South Carolina point is a little out of date, but I will forgive you for being out of blogland for so long. Where have you been anyway? S. Africa? P.S. like the Chance image. no picture credit?

chancelot said...

Republican voters are still stupid so S. Carolina thing still stands. Are you going to sue me for copyright infringement? It is the photo on myspace too.