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Monday, August 11, 2008

Chaos, drama and death

I caused plenty of chaos at the 7eo this weekend. Well, I didn't cause it all, but aided and abetted perhaps.

It started out innocently enough. I met HAHA to watch the Mets and Red Sox games and Thumbs and Hate were there before heading to see the Bees game. Thumbs invited us to go and I was sure that'll be cool. And it was. (Mets lost, Sox lost, Bees won, if you're keeping score.)

After the game we return to the 7eo and consume refreshing beverages. Eventually Cheesesteak and Irish show up as well as Notrammer and HC. A good time was had by all. Eventually Thumbs and Hate leave as does HAHA.

Just before i am about to leave. HAHA calls and apparently Hate looked at Thumbs phone and seen that HAHA had texted and lost her mind. As HAHA is telling me this my phone rings and its Thumbs, except it is really Hate telling me to keep my slut friend away from Thumbs. To which, I respond,"Its not like that, and even if it was you are mad at the wrong person." Click.

So that was fun.

Because I am a rtard, I tell HC the her roomate Rammer would kick her out if Notrammer didn't live there. Excellent plan Chancelot.

At anyrate, I have no idea what the longterm fall out will be but the drama is getting ridiculous.

In news that you have already heard about:

WAR! Russia vs. Georgia

Bernie Mac Dead.

Isaac Hayes.

Update: Also going to Bees game without inviting The Subtle Self made her mad. So I'm killin it right now.

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P said...

Don't make me get out my drama llama, it's almost like you're wearing the same color dress to the prom OMG!
My favorite is the part about "looking at so and so's phone". I think there should be a law about that.