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Monday, February 12, 2007

Barack Obama Hates America and American soldiers!

That is according to pro-torture wingnut Michelle Malkin. Here is the Obama Clip that riled Malkin up.

Malkin says

" Sen. Barack Obama's nutroots are showing. RedStateLady has the video of Obama arguing that each and every member of the military who volunteered to serve and died in Iraq wasted his/her life"

She then goes on to point out that Soldiers in Iraq believe in what they are doing. Soldiers like 2nd Lt. Mark Daily,
Marine Sgt. Joshua J. Frazier, and Corporal Jeffrey B. Starr all believe that the war in Iraq is the right thing to do. I ' m shocked. REALLY? How this rebuts the idea that the war in Iraq is a catastrophic failure that has not accomplished any of its stated goals I'm not sure. I personally think these brave soldiers' belief that they are fighting a just and righteous war is sincere and I have have respect for their views. This said, belief is not an argument, the terrorists believe in what they are doing as well, it doesn't make them right.

Malkin trots out these soldiers opinions in order to stifle discussion, because who could argue with people who have fought and died in Iraq? The bankrupt arguments of Malkin and her cohorts on the Right substitute rational debate for the pathos of an empty ideology. This is also true of the entire Bush administration's faith based foreign policy. Results don' t matter, facts don't matter, and most importantly the continuing slaughter of Iraqi's doesn't matter. In Tikrit, Baghdad, and throughout Iraq they die. Sacrificed to the ill-conceived imperialism that Malkin supports. But they are only brown people, right? So they don't really count in the distorted world view of Malkin and her compatriots.

The point here is that Obama is right, the brutally sad fact is that American lives have been wasted in Iraq. Whether it is tomorrow or in ten years, when America does the inevitable Saigon '75 Redux. Iraq will be worse off and America will be worse off. But Malkin doesn't bother to actually make an argument she just says that American soldiers believe in what they are doing. Well that sure showed all of us pinko America haters on the left didn't it?

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