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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Trolley Square Shooting

I live in Salt Lake City, two blocks from Trolley Square Mall where the shootings took place last night. As soon as I saw the shooter's name today, Sulejman Talovic, I told my boss, "Within a couple of days they will be looking to make him a terrorist if he is a Muslim." Well Hugh Hewitt got there even faster than I thought. Let the fear-mongering begin. Of course if he isn't a "terrorist" it will be Hollywood's fault. A cigar is never a cigar with the right wing noise machine.


Anonymous said...

I suppose I'm not sure how a rational person could possibly NOT at least ask themselves whether or not Talovic's faith had something to do with this senseless act of violence.

It would be naive to assume that this individual - who had the same kind of disregard for human life that we've seen from islamic terrorists worldwide - just happened to share the same faith as Muhammed Atta and other extremists who claim that it is their duty to declare Jihad against all non-muslims.

Perhaps it just ends up being coincidental, but don't blame it on the "right-wing" that this sniper has more than their disrespect for human life in common with 911 hijackers.

chancelot said...

Perhaps, I am naive, but I prefer to make judgments based on evidence and information and not assumptions. My larger point is that fear mongering is the m.o. of the right in this country.
Terrorism is not effective if no one knows you are a terrorist. Publicity is the goal of terrorism, so this seems to go against the anonymous nature of this attack.

Charlie said...

I love it, this country is the biggest terrorist group in the world, we terrorize other country's with the threat of money or lack of it, the last 60 years we've threatened the world with mass destruction, with our nuclear arsenal, our army's have displaced maimed, or killed, countless families world wide, our great government has given out billions of dollars in arms to people who use them to kill their own people, and we wonder, why do these people hate us? I personally wonder, how can they not hate us? as for this shooter, I'm sure some way, some how he'll be labeled a terrorist, and maybe he is, but does that make him any different than you or I? We as a public don't pull the triggers, we just put the people in power who do.