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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

War Forever!!! The New Right

Instapundit posts three clips in response to Obama's "wasted" comment. As I pointed out yesterday the warmongers are using soldiers to make reverse ad hominem attacks against people who are against the war. Because soldiers are for the war no one can speak out against it or they are accused of hating the troops. If you notice in the CNN clip, the argument is that because troops have died in Iraq we can never leave. I, for one, find this commitment to a never ending war to be ridiculous. It is tragic that American men and women have died for a worthless war but its time to recognize where the blame for that lay. It is with President Bush and the American citizens who voted for him, not the troops and not the people who oppose the war.

UPDATE: Malkin repeats her non-argument from yesterday. When facts and logic fail, repetition is always a nice substitute. According to Malkin, Obama just doesn't get it.

"He still does not comprehend the concept of troops volunteering, willingly and freely, to go to Iraq to defend American security. Someone send Obama Outside the Wire and introduce him to the Marines of the Silver Platoon before he infantilizes the military again."

Ok, let's summarize.
  • American troops die in a futile war that can't be won.
  • Of course the blame for this falls not on the people who started the war but those who recognize the failure of this doomed enterprise.

The really sad thing is that the soldiers are the ones who pay for the lies and incompetence of Bush and his apologists like Malkin. I imagine the response of these bankrupt ideologues would be what the Nixon-like candidate in Hunter S. Thompson's Where the Buffalo Roam said. That response is, of course, "Fuck the Doomed".

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