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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winning the Hearts and Minds... or not

Iraqi children orphaned by the invasion and forced into begging. This quote provides all the context necessary.

"Only four years ago, the vast majority of these children were living at home with their families."

The wingnuts of course will spin this to be fault of the the Democrats. Because clearly if lefties were more supportive of the never ending war these children would have parents, or at least find employment with some multi-national that bravely employs children to produce its goods.

Of course the Bush strategy for victory isn't limited to driving children into beggary but also drugs, violence and prostitution.

"Sami Rubaie, 12, lives on the streets of Baghdad. He said he ran away from home because he could not stand the beatings he got from his father for not bringing home enough money from begging all day. He soon turned to glue sniffing. To support his habit, he recently joined a gang and now men have sex with him in exchange for glue and money. "I cry every time a man has sex with me and they usually hit me because I am crying. After I do it, my boss gives me a good quantity of glue and around US $3 dollars for food. I know what I'm doing is wrong but it's better than living with daily beatings from my father for not bringing him enough money," Sami said."

I imagine that all of these children will forever be grateful to the United States for providing them with such a tremendously glamorous lifestyle. Mr. Bush, you have clearly sown the seeds for a democracy loving country that will be our faithful allies forever. Mission Accomplished. Congrats, I know Jesus looks down on you and smiles.

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