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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I hate summer...

I know that makes everyone mad, but its true. I had forgotten this until reminded by P, yesterday. For the last few weeks everyone(which is to say, BBA and my Dad) have been asking me what is wrong? I honestly have had no idea, I just felt inexplicably blue. Not, by nature, a particularly introspective lad, I have vacillated between being mystified and apathetic as to the cause of my mood. So when P said "Dude, you hate summer." I went "Oh, yeah. I hate summer."
Some how just knowing why I feel bad, makes me feel better.

Quick list of things I also hate at this moment.

  • The Spurs
  • The Refs
  • The people tearing down Otterbutt's house.
  • The citrus agri-corps who are killing all the bees(I read about this on David Byrne's blog but I am to lazy to look it up right now.)
And the Jazz totally choked last night, but it has been a great season, and next year will be better. Go Jazz!!!

That's all.

Update: Here is a link to Byrne's post. And here is another article about said bee problem.


P said...

Ha! Well I also hate refs and the spurs and the lost bees. We will run out of almonds. Fully pollinated by bees. That whole symbiotic partnership gone. Quit hating yo.

Nik said...

Oh, the bee problem is severe. Almost as sad as the house-tearing down. I am happy to see you have a good point-of-view about the Jazz. I can't watch the Jazz because I know how much you care and if they lose, I know how upset you'll be and it makes me sad.
And summer, though it's supposed to be a light & roses is often mostly hot and full of pressure to have a whole bunch of fun.