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Friday, May 18, 2007

Simmons pimpin' for the Jazz

Bill Simmons, ESPN's Sports Guy, has finally said it, (Because someone had to say it, the national media have given the Jazz no respect.) The Jazz are a "good freaking good basketball team." All you experts and others who are penciling in the Spurs or Suns as the Western Conference Champions, step back and wait for the series to be played. (So you don't have to look at the AL East standings at the beginning of the post. I will quote the relevant bit here.)

"Um ... why doesn't anyone seem to think that Utah has a chance in the next round? You weren't impressed by those two impressive road wins (Game 7 in Houston, Game 4 in Oakland), the way they're dominating the glass or their various scoring options in crunch time? What am I missing? I will never understand why so many people underestimated them in Round 2 ... you'd think a lesson would have been learned. That's a good freaking basketball team."
Also, I am beginning to think that the Jazz might be better off facing the Spurs on Sunday instead of the Suns on Tuesday. But because the Suns got jobbed by the NBA, I still will cheer for them. Also there is the possibility of some friendly wagers if the Suns and Jazz play, so there is another reason to hope the Suns win. My gambling addiction... Either way it has been nice to have a breather from the playoffs for a minute and watch as other teams struggle to close out their series. Seriously, having a game every other day for almost three weeks has been exhilarating, but exhausting. That said, can't wait until the next series starts. GO JAZZ!!!

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