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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jazz, Suns. Keep hope alive!

Ok, the Jazz should close the series out tonight. The real news is the way the Suns fought back to win the game last night. They were dominated by the Spurs for most of the game and managed to win in the last six minutes.

Just for the record, the reason I want the Suns to win is that a point guard driven team like the Suns(or Golden State) can't beat the Jazz in a seven game series. Teams like San Antonio are much more difficult for the Jazz to dictate match-ups and pace against. If the Suns don't win, I at least wanted them to force six games and wear the Spurs down.

Either way, the Jazz are going to the NBA finals. Because no one has told the Jazz(especially Deron Williams) that they are not supposed to be this good. I think they have proven that they can win anywhere against anyone. This team has had to play different styles and adapted to whatever has been thrown at them, no other team has overcome the adversity that the Jazz have in these playoffs.

Once we get to Detroit, I am less sure of the Jazz winning, but as they say anything can happen.

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Anonymous said...

Here in the land of the hand, I will be watching until at least 1 a.m. for the team that shouldn't but has.