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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jazz win

Incredible game one. It had everything and the Jazz won. I'm at a loss for words. This series is going to be off the hook. The D-Will/Baron Davis match up is ridiculous. Boozer was huge, and in this series size matters, ya hear?

I think that the game was exactly the game the Jazz needed to play and if they play like that I don't think the series even goes 6 games. We just need the Suns to nut up and win at least one game against San Antonio.

In case you were wondering, this blog is probably going to focus almost exclusively on the NBA playoffs until the finals are over so be prepared.


P said...

OK you're going a little postal. I'm in support of your statements but that hasn't proven to be good for you... Anyway, um... pick people up when they fall down... tie people down when they fly up.

chancelot said...

Postal?? R u talking to me? jk. You should seen me at the 7EO lastnight, about lost my mind... anyway, um... if worms had daggers birds wouldn't fuck with 'em