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Thursday, September 18, 2008

if you lie down with dogs...

Alot of people, including Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan and of course Lady Wingnut herself K-Lo, are upset about this ad.  I find this to be silly.  Rush Limbaugh is the Republican base, especially on immigration, mcsame is the Republican canidate for president, ergo one can expect mcsame to enact policies that please the base of his party whether he agrees with them or not.  Of course complaints from the wingnuts are absurd given that they have spent all summer trying to morph Obama into William Ayers or Reverend Wright.  Which furthers the point I made in this post.

p.s.  the subtitle to K-lo's peice actually made me laugh out loud. What a maroon.

Update:  Rush hits back.  His feel bads hurt alot, maybe he should have a Vicodin.  When Rush Limbaugh calls you a race baiter you must be doing something right.

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P said...

Andrew sullivan was on Maher this weekend. He called Maher a religious bigot. It was funny.