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Thursday, September 11, 2008

the pig in the poke: can we have our money back edition

I hope Biden asks her this question in the debate.  
  • Alaska has a budget revenues of $13,559,800, $3,742,30 of which is Federal dollars. 
  • 1 in 3 jobs in Alaska depend on Federal revenue.  
  • Sarah Palin secured $27 million in earmarks while mayor of Wasilla. 
  • Alaska is number one in per capita pork spending.

Will anyone ask the so-called pitbull hockey mom about why her state hates America and keeps taking Federal money. I doubt it because the press are essentially extentions of the Republicansand their wingnut buddies. I find this whole process demoralizing, after 8 years morontacracy we might elect the same people is astonishing.  
But fuck it, keep fighting. 
Keep talking to people and pointing out the mindless bullshit that mcsame and the hockeybullpitmom constantly throw out. Keep giving money, hell go volunteer, do something and if it doesn't work thenthe American people get what they deserve and you can tell them you tried.

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