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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the problem with the republic party

The problem with the republic party is not that they are liars and hypocrites, though they are, as are all humans.  The problem with the republic party is that they do not believe in their own arguments. They don't believe in small government(see above), they don't believe in individual liberty(see patriot act),  they don't belive in protecting America(see Mike Brown, handholding of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, Invading countries for no reason, etc).  They certainly don't believe in the constitution, outside of the 2nd amendment(see patriot act, war on some drugs that some people use).  They don't believe in experience(see Palin).  They don't believe in free markets(see airline bailouts, AIG,Bear Stearns, lehmman Brothers, etc).  

At various times you will hear conservatives and republicans make all of these arguments.  The important thing to note is that they don't believe any of them.  The deceit they practice is almost subconcious or pathological.  They continue make these types of arguments to hide what they really believe in and hope to achieve.  They only believe in power and their only goal is enriching their rich friends at the expense of the American public and national security if necessary.  Keep that in mind.

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